I wouldn’t feel so confident that the Mercury Franchise School could empower entrepreneurs, create wealth and give them back their time if it wasn’t for the evidence.

The comments from course attendees below demonstrate what is possible if you truly want to go for it. These entrepreneurs have worked with my proven franchise system and are reaping the rewards. It is my pleasure to work with business people who love what they do and want to share it with the world. Mercury has offered them the roadmap to a business without limits. Could it be your turn?

Well, what can I say – apart from firstly if you are sitting there reading this and deciding if Cheryl is the right person for you and your business?

Then let me help you decide – YES SHE IS!

There is nothing that Cheryl will not be able to guide, support and help you with when you decide to franchise your business. She is one of the most compassionate, understanding and supportive women I have ever met.

We first time I met Cheryl was on an away day, which I booked after I had been burned by a previous franchise consultant. I had taken a massive hit and was over-emotional when Cheryl first sat opposite me in my kitchen – thinking that my business was failing and that I had no hope, within literally the first 60 minutes Cheryl had completely made me fall back in love with my business and myself. I will never forget what she said to me….

Victoria – your business has legs with 6inch heels on!

This will stay with me forever, it was a turning point in my business and my self-esteem as a businesswoman, and I will be forever grateful to Cheryl for this.

I am now working with Cheryl in her group mastermind programme and I have learned more in the first 3 months with Cheryl than I ever did in the 12 months prior. I am confident in myself and my business and the whole franchising process. I am ready and fully equipped with all I need to be successful and I know that I have the full support of Cheryl during my journey.

I cannot thank Cheryl enough for giving me the confidence, tools and support I need to grow my business into a multimillion-pound brand that has sustainability and to be the best franchisor I can be for my franchisees.

You will not find a better Franchise strategist to help you on your journey, of that I am certain.

Victoria Rothwell - The Beautiful Method

“Cheryl immediately recognised the value and potential of my business, but just as swiftly realised that I didn’t value my business nor see the potential and that was her starting point. Mindset! Our initial work was about shifting my mindset and making me appreciate, understand and acknowledge the value of my skills as a business woman.As the course progressed I learned so much about franchising, processes procedures and everything involved in becoming an ethical franchisor.

Starting in October 2018, I sold my first franchise in April 2019 and now a year later October 2019 I have six flourishing franchisees and a further two under consideration.

To me an individual’s character is everything. I look for people who are honest, open and transparent, genuine and more importantly honourable and Cheryl White is all of these things. It has been a privilege to work with her.”

Sharon Cawley - Conexus Tuition

“I’ve been working with Cheryl for 5 years now.  Before that, I’d been approached by a few Franchise Consultants who wanted to franchise my business and none of them felt right for me.  Within half an hour of sitting with Cheryl, I just knew she was the right fit, as she had already been through the process and knew exactly what we needed to do and how to avoid all the mistakes!  Equally important for me was how well I thought we would get on together.  Let me tell you, there are a LOT of people I talked to that in no way shape or form actually understood or cared to understand what I wanted to achieve and just rolled off their spiel and their extravagant costs.

My business is still growing with the support of Cheryl.  We meet every month to plan my next steps and every month I’ve taken a big step forward.   I wouldn’t have the confidence to be developing the way I am and I wouldn’t be where I am without her, the support has been invaluable.   There’s never been a question Cheryl can’t answer and I know that even outside my mentoring sessions I can call on her to help me if I need advice.

I almost don’t want to recommend her though so I can keep her all to myself J but if you do work with Cheryl, I can guarantee you won’t regret it!”

Nicky - Full of Beans Fitness

“Cheryl is just brilliant. I’m just starting the franchising process and I’m so impressed by the support that Cheryl has given to me so far. She will ask the tough questions that need asking, but in a warm intelligent, down to earth and friendly way. I love that she gets what I’m saying, my business and what I want to do, and is making the whole thing feel surprisingly easy so far. I know that there is a lot of hard work ahead, but I feel so confident that Cheryl will skilfully guide me through it. The best thing is that Cheryl is ‘walking the talk’. Not only has she been there, she’s doing it, and doing so in a way that is totally inspirational. I’m so thankful we’re working together.”

Cathy Bailey - Office OM

“What drew me to Cheryl’s one to one mentoring programme was her passion for empowering others. I felt that whatever challenges I encountered, her support, knowledge & experience would lead me through to the other side. I love that there was a self care element to the programme. It was a great mix of practical & supportive. By end of the year long programme, I had 3 franchisees on board & was in profit – with another 3 due to sign the following year.”

Kate - A Tidy Mind

“I recently attended a Franchise workshop to explore the possibilities of furthering my business potential. Cheryl is a complete professional in this field with a wealth of experience and her honesty and integrity shine through. I would highly recommend Cheryl to anyone thinking of becoming a Franchise Company.”

Anne Marie Clapp - Soul Awakening Academy