Being your own boss was meant to be fun: more holidays, flexible hours and extra time with family.

The reality? Most small business owners are working longer hours than ever before, feeling overwhelmed and losing the joy in their business.

You wouldn’t accept such poor treatment from any other boss.

Download The Visibility Checklist

The Visibility Checklist

Franchising allows you to get out of your business’s way, develop a passive income stream so you can earn when you’re not even in your business, and watch your company thrive.

Mercury Franchise School’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to create wealth and abundance without sacrificing family time.

I’m Cheryl White, founder of Mercury Franchise School. I’m a mother of two boys and I run my own successful franchise, Apollo Care. I set up Mercury Franchise School to offer my franchising, strategy, insights and expertise to other business leaders who want to reach further afield with their brand. My Mercury programmes provide a blueprint to replicate your business, market your brand and win back your time. Say hello to freedom, you’re going to become better acquainted.

Looking to franchise?

Cheryl White Mercury Franchise School

Never choose between your business and your family again…

Mercury Franchise School believes you can have wealth and still enjoy your family time. Franchising methods can be learnt by anyone, so here at the Mercury Franchise School, you can opt for one of a few courses no matter what stage you’re at, from franchise newbies to existing franchisors.

Learn how to revolutionise your business through franchising and attract the perfect people to work with you. Get a handle on the business side, while feeling empowered through my unique recipe for self-development and creating abundance.

Want to know more about Mercury Franchise School?

Mercury Franchise School boasts an enviable curriculum for those looking to fast track their franchising journey. With my guidance, you’ll go through a streamlined and simplified process to transform your business into the ideal franchise package. Download the ‘How To Build A Franchise Empire’ Ebook for a sneak preview of what to expect.

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How to build a franchise empire. Mercury franchise school

Case Studies

My franchising system produces real results. Find out about how my clients have turbocharged their business and regained their quality of life after taking one of my courses.

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