Start scaling your healthcare, social care or wellbeing business today
with the franchise model

Did you know there’s an alternative to working more hours and taking on new staff?

Something that gives you exponential scalability rather than minuscule growth that leaves you frustrated?


If you’ve got a successful health, social care or wellbeing business you want to scale, you can package it up and sell it as an opportunity to aspiring business owners.


Investing in a franchise opportunity gives you all the perks of entrepreneurship without the risk. It’s a tried-and-tested business model you can set up locally and quickly begin trading.

Discover Franchising

Get to know the concepts in just 30 minutes with this mini-course.


Put simply, you create a franchise package to sell to other business owners so they can set up and trade under your branding using your own systems and processes.

You can scale your business, developing carbon copies of your original company that bring you passive income month after month through a franchise fee.

This also means your brand gets to be seen in more and more locations thanks to the efforts of your franchisees promoting and marketing within their own territories.

Why Franchising?

You sell your franchise licence to someone else. They set up a business under your name by paying you a franchise fee. You’re not responsible for operating the business, but you get some income each month from the franchisee.

Franchisees can start a business quickly by implementing someone else’s systems and procedures. You don’t have to do any figuring out at all, and in addition, you get training and mentorship. There is less risk of failure when you start a franchise versus going it alone.

Who is it For?

Franchising is for you if you have a profitable business and you’re looking to expand into new locations. If your business success can be replicated without your personal input, you have the makings of a great franchise system. If you have a business in the health, social care or wellbeing sectors, we can help you out!

The Benefits

For franchisors the benefits include:

The ability to expand your business into new areas

No need to take out a business loan – Franchisees pay you a franchise fee

You’re not responsible for operating the franchises yourself

You can increase your brand awareness

You can take advantage of franchisees’ local knowledge to reach more customers

Generate a passive income

The chance to mentor new business owners

For franchisees the benefits include:

A business that’s easy to set up

The business model’s been tried and tested

You don’t need to figure anything out by yourself

You get full training and mentoring

You receive access to business management systems

The franchisor helps you market your business and increase your service offering

Types of Franchises

There are many types of franchise people can invest in.

These include:

Traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses

Mobile businesses where you can serve your customer in their home

Virtual businesses you can run remotely and serve clients online.

Some popular franchise sectors:

Food and drink

Cleaning, gardening and home services

Children’s play

Health and fitness

Professional services


Getting Started

There is no specific legal regulation for franchises in the UK. Having said that, it’s important to put in place measures to be ethical and keep yourself protected. There are also certain expectations the franchisee will have of you that you need to fulfil, such as training in systems.

Mercury Franchise School walks you through the entire process of becoming a franchisor in the Franchise 2 Freedom Mastermind. In eight months, you can be up and running, and often, our students have already sold their first franchise before they even finish the programme.

If you want to find out more about franchising, sign up for one of our introductory mini-courses today: Franchising Introduction is a free 30-minute video course that gives you all the basics. Franchise Foundations is £195 with a one-hour coaching call with our founder, Cheryl White.



Our programmes are based on specific knowledge in the arena of health and social care  – Our founder franchised her own home care business.


Some franchise consultants like to overcomplicate franchising, but our programmes keep it simple by breaking it down.


We’ve helped over 50 business owners and counting – Review our testimonials as evidence of what you can accomplish.


We help you learn how to franchise your business yourself; we don’t do the work for you, which means you have full control.


Our programmes are accessible for the majority of business owners and we also offer payment plans.


Become part of our Facebook community to connect with other franchisors. This means you get advice, support and accountability.


Mercury Franchise School’s courses are perfect for those looking to fast track their franchising journey with their health, social care or wellbeing business. With our guidance, you’ll go through a streamlined and simplified process to transform your wellbeing business into the ideal franchise package. Why not try out our Franchising Foundations course for a sneak preview of what to expect?

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