Work less and earn more with...


Are you ready to scale your Business? But, time poor!

Does this sound like you…

• I am always working IN my business
• I feel like I’m constantly firefighting
• I want to make more money but just don’t have the capacity to DO anymore
• I want to grow my team but don’t want the responsibility of more staff
• I want to get more visible but worry people will copy what I do

This was me!


What your business would look like with a growth plan which exponentially increases your sales and profit, whilst you do less.

You would want to know more, right?

Franchise to Freedom – The Platinum Ticket is a programme designed for YOU!

The platinum ticket has been designed for busy business owners who want to franchise their business and grow a national brand but worry about the time and resources that takes.

In 2013 I franchised my own home care company and have now grown that business into a multimillion-pound franchise network with the help of my team.

I am now ready to share that team with you!

With me Cheryl White, the Uk’s leading Franchise Strategist as your mentor, my whole team will come together and franchise your business for you, providing all documentation, prospectus, and legal agreements to build you a business that will blow your competition out of the water.

In 2012 I was running a successful home care company that was growing and receiving new client referrals every day, but I was exhausted! I was working around 60 hours per week in my business and was starting to experience burnout as a result. I knew I wanted to grow the business but had no idea what to do so after chatting to my accountant I decided to explore the franchise business model and loved everything about it!

I sold 3 franchises in the first 12 months (Including the original business) and now have teams across the UK providing much needed care to vulnerable people.

The franchise model is perfect for business owners who want to scale without the financial worry, operations headache, and the need to try and be in 10 places at once!

Franchising my business has allowed me to build a multi million pound network and work less hours doing so.

I am now on a mission to educate as many business owners as I can about the franchise model and how it could work for them.

The FACTS speak for themselves...

The UK Franchise Industry

The UK Franchise industry is in fantastic shape! And I just wanted to share with you some of the facts and figures.

  • The Franchise Industry contributes £15 Billion to the UK economy – an increase of 46% over the past 10 years
  • Over half of franchisees are now declaring an average turnover that exceeds £250,000
  • The total number of people employed within franchising has now reached 621,000 – an increase of 70% over the past 10 years
  • Franchise Owned businesses has now reached 44,000 units – an increase of 14% 
  • An incredible 97% of franchisees are running in profitability 

Who can benefit from my Platinum Ticket Programme?

This programme is for anyone who can answer YES to my 3 qualifying questions.

Is your business 12 months old or more?

Can your business be replicated in other areas?

Does your business make a profit?

Success Stories...

Here’s what students are saying about Mercury coaching:



The programme is run over 12 months, and you will work with some of the best franchise professionals in the business to build a franchise network that will instantly make you sales and start to transform your business into a national franchise brand.

The project will be fully managed, and I will be your mentor throughout the process keeping you on track, motivated and having fun!

So, who is involved, and what happens next?

The programme is designed to franchise your business for you.


Strategy and planning call with me to scope out your franchise package and IFA.


Introduction to my franchise accountant to produce your projection figures and pricing


Introduction to my franchise design team who will create your bespoke franchise prospectus and operational manual


Introduction to my franchise solicitors who will write your franchise agreement to use with future investors


Introduction to My COO for Apollo who will scope out your initial enquiry process and onboarding systems


Your marketing plan and 12-month strategy working with my franchise marketers and social media experts

MONTHS 7-12:

Support from me with all implementations, enquiries and set up

Cheryl says:

My team are fantastic and have helped me to build a business that grows month on month, is protected and well respected in the industry. Im now wanting to share their expertise with others.

Cheryl white

Ready to kickstart your franchise journey?

If you’re committed to taking your business to the next level and winning your time back, franchising IS your best option.

What are you waiting for?


£5000 deposit then £2000 per month over 10 months

And there’s MORE ….

When does the course start and finish?
You will choose a start date that suits your schedule and will have 12 months access to me and my team from the date you begin.

Will all the documentation be specific to me?
Yes! The whole project will be designed for you and your business.

Will I have my mentor throughout the 12 months?
You will have email and VOXER access to Cheryl for the whole 12 months for support.

To begin your franchise journey, download my Franchise Income Calculator and gain insights into the potential revenue your franchise business could generate annually.