Expert Tips: Generating Leads 100% OrganicallyFinding Leads on Facebook Organically

Expert Tips: Generating Leads 100% Organically

Over the last few months on my Build A Franchise Empire Facebook Group, we’ve been very fortunate to have had some guest speakers go live for us.

These experts have been able to share their knowledge to help business owners like you get the best from their mental health, organisation and marketing.

We decided to follow these lives with a post to offer you some of their insight.

One of our guests, Chanel Morales, of Digital Nomad Mums, decided to share her tips for generating leads on Facebook 100% organically. That doesn’t mean she’s switched her milk brand, but that she’s amassed a large following without paying for ads.

A little about Chanel…

Chanel Morales

Chanel is an online business coach who left her 9-5 marketing job and has spent the last two years jet setting with her young daughter. She now helps other mums see how the nomadic lifestyle is possible with just a laptop and an internet connection.

Here are some helpful tips I got from her talk that provide a lot of food for thought.

Use your personal profile

Chanel’s strategy is centred around her personal profile rather than her Facebook Page. I believe it’s right to have a Facebook page for marketing your company in a professional way, but if you’re all about building that all-important personal brand, then you may want to consider connecting with people on your personal Facebook profile. This is about showing your human side. Of course, it all depends how comfortable you are baring all to people you’ve only met online. You can use audiences to limit the amount of personal content they see, so you retain some control.

Post six types of social media content

Chanel’s personal posts fall into six categories:

STORY: Build trust sharing personal stories about yourself and how you started your company.

VALUE: Offer industry insights to establish authority in your field.

LIVES: Go live on Facebook. Tag people in and share the link.

RESULTS: Showcase what you’ve achieved with case studies, before and after stories and testimonials.

QUESTIONS: Ask questions on your posts to generate engagement.

SALES: Tell people about your offer.

Include images & emojis

Generally, links don’t tend to generate as much engagement as high-value images so build your content calendar around using photos and pictures that will resonate. Emojis within your copy will help people read through your story by breaking the text up as a wall of text can be intimidating for people just scrolling through on their break.

Share one post per day

Don’t go overboard on posting – One a day is enough as you need to allow time for the Facebook algorithm to register your content and put it in front of your followers. Every time a post receives a comment, the post will get more visibility so be sure to reply to all comments.

Join Groups

Be an active participant in Groups where your target customer likes to hang out. In these Groups, share your valuable content and offer to help, answer questions and be helpful.

Reach out

If someone is interacting with you in the Group, send them a friend request and build on that connection. Add your new connections to a spreadsheet and be sure to engage with them every so often.

Attract new prospects through Facebook challenges

You must have seen an abundance of five-day challenges. Why do lots of experts use them? Because they work. The idea is simple: offer a free sprint over five days to get people working on a problem that your business helps them solve. When they’ve seen how much value you can offer them, they will be hot leads ready to invest in your paid programme. They know they are not wasting their money because they’ve already seen you in action.

I’m so grateful to Chanel for taking the time to share this knowledge with us. If you’re interested in learning more about generating leads on social media, check out her programme for aspiring world travellers:


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