The Pitfalls Of Growing Your Business Too Quickly

The Pitfalls Of Growing Your Business Too Quickly

We have all seen the adverts on social media… “How to make 20k in your first month of business!”

Sounds exciting, right!?

For those of us running a business, growth is definitely a good thing. It can be exciting and is a validation for our ideas and all of our hard work.

But what can happen when an entrepreneur tries to scale their business without a strategy?

What can go wrong when the correct systems, processes and policies are not in place to support the business growth and the business owner?

Issues can arise when your growth gets in the way of running your business correctly.

I truly believe that the service you offer your customers needs to be unique, reliable and surpass their expectations. You never want the quality of your service to be compromised. Businesses that grow too quickly can find that the service they are offering becomes overstretched and in turn, unreliable. Being realistic about how much time/service you can offer your customer is vital when planning business growth.

This then leads to the hiring of the right team. Taking your time to find the correct team member to join your business is crucial to the reputation and growth of the business. Your team will represent you, you will want them to have the same work values, work ethic and professionalism as you and that may take a while to find. “Panic Hiring” almost certainly ends in disaster! By planning your growth at a steady, sustainable rate, you will have time to find your dream team member, they are out there!

I also feel that growing your business too quickly is the major cause of overwhelm. A number of my clients have described themselves as “wandering around in the dark” as they are unsure of how to manage the increase in work and are trying desperately to tread water as more and more demands come in. This not only has an effect on the business but can also lead to stress and exhaustion in the individual.

Taking a step back from your business is a must. This gives you time to consider what your business needs to allow it to grow. Planning is key to successful business growth.

For me, franchising was the perfect plan to help my business grow. It provided all the systems and strategies I needed and allowed me to grow my business in other areas at a controlled rate which left me in control.

By carefully selecting my new franchise managers, I knew the quality of my service would never be compromised as I had some strict criteria to interview potential team members against.

As the franchisor, I am able to regularly inspect the quality of service from each branch to ensure the high standards, that are now expected from my brand are being delivered each time, to each customer.

Have you considered franchising as a way to grow your business?

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I believe that franchising is the way forward for successful business growth. My mission is to teach business owners how this can be done to suit their individual business needs.

Business growth should be a planned, steady process and I would love to help you to do this.

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