Should I Be Advertising My Franchising Opportunity During Lockdown?

Should I Be Advertising My Franchising Opportunity During Lockdown?

I keep getting asked this question by my course students and followers, and the answer is a resounding YES!

While you must always be sensitive to everything that is going on, you still need to promote your business. Restrictions are due to be easing off soon, so you need to hit the ground running.

People need to know their options now more than ever with the precarity that coronavirus has brought about. They may be finding their mindset shifting to new possibilities as they spend more time at home with children and realise they CAN work from home if they choose to.

By offering an alternative option to their current 9-5 lifestyle, you are serving people who may not have been as receptive when they were rushed off their feet commuting and ferrying kids to clubs after squeezing a quick 30 minutes in the gym.

By all means, run your adverts, be visible and furnish people with new opportunities.

But that’s not all…

Show support, not desperation

We all know that feeling when we’ve tried to get someone to like us and the more we try, the more we repel them. It works the same in business. Instead of sell, sell, sell, you need to offer value to people. This can be through entertainment, education or offering information. Be honest, authentic and understanding in all your content so they get to know, like and ultimately trust you. That’s when you’ll make a sale.

Ramp up your organic content

It’s okay for you to share your personality too. Curiosity is a huge motivator for people, so make sure you’re sharing “behind the scenes” content (Read cat and dog pics, your home office setup, home-schooling struggles etc). Share your wins and show your vulnerability – eg. challenges you have faced and funny anecdotes that reflect the human aspect of your business. Tell stories and break out your comfort zone with a Facebook Live from time to time.

Let other people’s fans get to know you

If you’ve got friends in your niche, why not promote each other with a live interview to reach each other’s audiences and show your personality? I’ve been hosting my friends in my Facebook Group so that my members get to know new faces that can help them reach their goals in ways that complement my own service. So far, I’ve offered my platform to a social media coach, a performance coach and a motivation coach with more to come. I’ve also been giving free training in other Facebook community groups so their followers can get to know me and the Mercury brand.

Community is everything – If you’d like to feel the power of a group of likeminded people, join Build a Franchise Empire today.

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