Business ownership is an exciting prospect when you’ve only ever known employment. It’s a chance to be your own boss, create your own rules and take as much time off as you like without fear of getting sacked.

Then the reality hits you. It’s all down to you.

If you don’t work, you don’t eat. So, no more lazy days on the sofa, you have to work your socks off.

Except now you’re working all the time. You’ve got so many client requests and as soon as you stop for a rest, it’s as if the business grinds to a halt.

Working 60 hours a week for any boss is rubbish, even if it’s you yourself.

Franchising your business allows you to turn things around – Instead of it all being reliant on you, you put in place systems that help your business run without you, all while earning passive income.


Now you can replicate your business, not once, not twice, but many times over. While launching a new branch by yourself requires time, commitment, additional resource and expense, franchising means you earn money and gain a franchise manager with no outlay on your part – Other than your training and marketing costs, of course.

If ten franchisees signed up tomorrow, providing you’ve got the head office staff to support them, you can build your business many times over with less stress.

This comes with a caveat. While selling a franchise to anyone with a bank account might be tempting, a large part of your time is given over to ensuring you’ve got the right people coming on board: the people who will honour your reputation and loyally serve the brand you’ve worked tirelessly to create. That’s why you need to implement a robust process that can filter out the people who just want an easy ride. Remember, you’re not doing this to be nice, you’re doing this to make money.

When you’ve got a team of franchisees who are profitable, earning a fantastic living for themselves and adding to your bottom line, there’s no better feeling.



Grow your business and reach new audiences nationwide with the local knowledge of your franchisees.


Scale your business without getting into debt – Your franchisee pays you a fee and you don’t have to pay it back.


Your franchisees have to pay you a monthly management service fee. The better they earn, the more you gain.


The franchisee is responsible for the setup and operation of the new business, so all running and staffing costs are theirs.


With new franchises, you become known in other areas, which increases exposure to your brand without you having to do anything on the ground.


Not being in the day-to-day of their business, a franchisor has more time to plan and strategise while your franchisees take care of business.

Our Franchise 2 Freedom Mastermind covers the entire process of turning your health, social care or wellbeing business into a franchise, marketing your opportunity and setting up a recruitment process that helps you filter out time wasters and people who are not a good fit for your organisation.


We have a proud track record of helping over fifty small businesses and counting get their franchise business off the ground.

Many of our students end up selling a franchise before they’ve finished their one-to-one or group coaching programme, which often means they earn back their programme fees and more in a short space of time.

We don’t give you your legal documentation and leave you to it; we take you through the entire process and show you how each element links to the next. This means in the future, you’ll know exactly how to franchise a second business if you choose to do so.


Mercury Franchise School’s courses are perfect for those looking to fast track their franchising journey with their health, social care or wellbeing business. With our guidance, you’ll go through a streamlined and simplified process to transform it into the ideal franchise package. Why not try out our Franchise Foundations for a sneak preview of what to expect?

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