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Are you ready to grow your business?

Do you want to add a low-risk, high profit growth strategy to your business and more than treble your existing revenue without the usual costs and headaches of a growth plan, but don’t know where to start?


What your business would look like with a growth plan which exponentially increases your sales and profit, whilst you do less.

You would want to know more, right?

I can tell you, Franchise 2 Freedom Self Made is available for YOU right NOW.

Growing your business is the only way to free you up from the day-to-day drudge, so you can stop wearing ALL the hats and start enjoying being CEO. But how do you do this without taking on debt, without giving away control of your business and all the while, keeping your sanity?

Franchising was the answer that cured my own burnout, and in just six modules, I take you through the exact process I used to scale my home care brand into a seven-figure UK-wide business.

This is a self-study video course, so take your time or work through it fast and get ready to sell your first franchise

All you need to do is make the decision to step up for your dreams.

This is exactly why I created franchise 2 Freedom Self Made, to help you grow your business and create a brand to be proud of!

Franchising is the next step; it is YOUR next step.

The FACTS speak for themselves...

The UK Franchise Industry

The UK Franchise industry is in fantastic shape! And I just wanted to share with you some of the facts and figures.

  • The Franchise Industry contributes £15 Billion to the UK economy – an increase of 46% over the past 10 years
  • Over half of franchisees are now declaring an average turnover that exceeds £250,000
  • The total number of people employed within franchising has now reached 621,000 – an increase of 70% over the past 10 years
  • Franchise Owned businesses has now reached 44,000 units – an increase of 14% 
  • An incredible 97% of franchisees are running in profitability 

Who can benefit from my Self-Made course?

This programme is for anyone who can answer YES to my 3 qualifying questions.

Is your business 12 months old or more?

Can your business be replicated in other areas?

Does your business make a profit?

Success Stories...

Here’s what students are saying about Mercury coaching:


The SELF-MADE course

An online self-study course delivered through video, workbooks, downloadable templates, and slide packs you can refer to at any time.

The videos are presented by me, Cheryl White, The UK’s leading Franchise Strategist and CEO of my own franchise business, Apollo Care.

The course covers six modules:

1. What is Franchising?

2. The Franchise Prospectus

3. The Legal Documents

4. The Financials

5. The Operational Manual

6. Marketing Your Franchise Opportunity


Cheryl says:

“Essentially, all my years of expertise and knowledge in a streamlined system.”

Cheryl white

You will start with the most essential components: your prospectus and your franchise package, then you’ll create your processes and operations manual. After this, we move onto making your brand watertight. This is so you can avoid may of the legal pitfalls that plague lots of new (and even experienced) franchisors. Next, you’ll get to launch your opportunity to the world – Be prepared for lots of enquiries to flood your inbox!

One more thing: this is a practical course. Franchising doesn’t happen by watching videos alone. That’s why each module comes with a workbook with actionable steps, easy to use templates and checklists so you can do the work alongside your learning.


Ready to kickstart your franchise journey?

If you’re committed to taking your business to the next level and winning your time back, franchising IS your best option.

What are you waiting for?



Franchise 2 Freedom Tool Kit

Video recordings to watch in your own time

Downloadable slide packs for each module

A printable workbook to put your knowledge to the test

A workbook walk-through for each module

Operational manual template

Prospectus template

FIM template

Marketing strategy template

And there’s MORE ….

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts when you sign up. When you finish, is entirely up to you.

How long do I have access to the course?
You get lifetime access so you can come back to your course whenever you need.

Unsure of where to begin on your franchise journey then DOWNLOAD my free Franchise Assessment Pack to see if your business has what it takes to become the next national brand.