I want to help you win your time back and
gain financial freedom by building a franchise empire.
Be free from the shackles of small business life!

That is running around, wearing every type of hat and never getting to spend time with your family. That’s the reason you’re doing this business thing in the first place, right?

I have created training for entrepreneurs at every stage of the franchise process, from just thinking about it to the established franchisor who wants to develop their business even further.

These are the courses I wish had been around when I was starting my franchise journey. Through my own efforts, I went from turning over £100,000 to £1,000,000 per year four months into my business, but this was after a painful experience with a franchise consultant who didn’t get me or my business – Something I don’t want you to undergo. Now I want to make the process simple and pain-free so you experience all the benefits of franchising in a much quicker timeframe.

The Three Steps to Franchise Success

Programme 1: Franchise Foundations

One Afternoon – For Total Newbies

Franchising is not just for coffee shops and fast food chains! Franchise Foundations is your first steps into the realm of franchising for your small business, whatever it is. Get your comprehensive video introduction and workbook to help you explore how franchising can help you and how you can get your business ready to be packaged up and sold. Prepare to have your eyes opened to what’s possible! 30-minute coaching call included.

Introduction to franchising course delivered by video

Franchise preparation workbook

30 minute coaching call

Mercury Franchise School Programmes

Programme 2: Franchise 2 Freedom Mastermind

Eight Months – For People Ready to Franchise

The Franchise 2 Freedom Mastermind is the ultimate course and toolkit for rapidly transforming your small business into a franchise empire. This is everything I know about creating a franchise condensed into an 8-month group programme. We also explore other issues that affect businesses. Delivered 100% online, you get one-to-one mentorship combined with group support from others embarking on their franchise journey.

One-to-one mentorship calls

Group seminars

Strategy plan development

Workbooks and support materials provided

Mercury Franchise School Programmes

Programme 3: Personal Progress Plan

12 Weeks – For Existing Franchisors

The Personal Progress Plan is designed to turbocharge your existing franchise business through one-to-one mentorship and guidance. Covering 12 weeks, the programme can be delivered online or face to face depending on your preference and location. It blends strategy with practical implementation, giving you time to apply what you know to your current franchise model with my support. This fits around your particular goals and can include mindset, marketing or how to attract support franchisees. This is for you if you’re already a franchisor.

One-to-one support

Strategy plan development

Practical implementation calls

Full support materials provided

Mercury Franchise School Programmes

Need a little extra support?

Sometimes you don’t need a programme, you just want a listening ear. If something has recently come up in your franchise business or if you are continually battling one particular issue, then you can book a one-off coaching call to help get you over your current hurdle. For £475, we can schedule in your call in right away.