Solve your franchise frustrations in one hour.


Personalised advice for franchisors feeling stuck.

Has it been a while since you sold a franchise?

Are your franchisees feeling glum and in need of some motivation?

Does everyone else on social media seem to have it all sussed?

Despite your best efforts, the 60-hour weeks and all the courses you’ve bought, you’re just not feeling the business love anymore. What’s more, In your darker moments (usually at 3 am) you’re questioning “Is it really worth it?”

Whatever you see online and on social media, all business owners have been through this feeling of stagnation and frustration.

Reaching out to a business mentor seems the most obvious thing to do, right?

But franchising is in a league of its own, so you need somebody who understands where you are at and how to help you to move forward…

That’s why we’ve launched the Mercury Power Hour – a one-hour franchise consultancy call.

We know you haven’t got weeks to figure it all out – You’ve waited long enough already.

The Power Hour is a one-off call with Cheryl White, an experienced franchise consultant and Mercury founder, who can help you pinpoint exactly where your problem areas are and what you can do right now to get unstuck.

Not only do you get a one-to-one call, but you also get a detailed action plan personalised to you so you can keep track of the steps we discuss. Plus, it’s a physical reminder you can print off and stick on your wall.

Cheryl White

What students are saying about Power Hour...

Power Hour franchise consultancy call testimonial
Power Hour franchise consultancy call testimonial
Power Hour franchise consultancy call testimonial

Who can benefit from this call?

For existing franchisors 

For franchisors who want to see their profitability increase through clear systems and marketing. Whatever stage you’re at as a franchisor, the Power Hour franchise consultancy call helps you overcome your unique obstacles so you can start seeing a healthier bottom line. You’ll also have more time to grow your business.

About the call

Power Hour is a franchise consultancy call designed around you and your specific problems and goals. Our franchise mentor Cheryl has been a franchisor for eight years and in that time, she’s seen every problem franchisors face. Therefore, she’s uniquely placed to offer advice, guidance and actions for franchisors who are struggling to make their business work for them (rather than the other way round!).

Power Hour has three parts in total:

  1. Sign up, book your call and provide all relevant information in advance.
  2. Attend your call with Cheryl – This is a 60-minute consultancy call where we will pick out one area in your business that’s holding you back and blocking your potential for success.
  3. Action plan – Your personalised action plan will be emailed to you within 24 hours

By the end of the call, you’ll feel motivated and inspired to move forward. You’ll also have specific, actionable steps to take to fix your business.

Programme fees: £197.00

What's included?

This franchise consultancy call will give you more clarity than months and months of reflection and soul-searching.

Cheryl will help you get back on track so you can get into your business flow.

A one-hour one-to-one call with Cheryl White

A personalised step-by-step plan you can print out and start working on within 24 hours of the call

What else do I need to know?

This is a one-off call to focus on a particular area you are struggling with in your business.

You can book more calls as and when you like as different challenges arise

A small investment of just £197 will save you lots of time racking your brains trying to solve your problems by yourself (especially if you don’t know what the problem is yet!).

Is it time you saw real results?


Benefits of the Power Hour - 1 Hour Consultancy Call

1:1 Support

Personalised advice from a franchise strategist

Get a customised action plan with next steps

What my Clients Say...

Are you ready to level up your franchise business?

Book your Power Hour with Cheryl White and get bespoke, actionable advice on specific areas of your business. Regain your motivation and fall in love with your business all over again!