A Tidy Mind Franchise Case Study


“I felt I could ask Cheryl anything and her communication was excellent.”

A Tidy Mind is a life coaching service founded by Kate Ibbotson that helps people achieve and organise their dream lives through a process of decluttering.


Like many sole business owners today, Kate was living a contradiction. Being her own boss meant she had ostensible freedom, and yet was working harder than ever and yet having less and less time. She had hit a ceiling in her earning potential as she was exchanging her time for money and physically could not work any more hours. Furthermore, having an excess of client work and being the only one to do it meant that she was not in a position to step out of the day-to-day tasks to look at the bigger picture. She describes it as…

“too much working ‘in’ the business rather than ‘on’ it.”


Kate realised that franchising her business was one way she could move her business forward and get off the hamster wheel of solopreneurship:

“I wanted to grow my business but couldn’t work any more hours. It seemed like the only effective way to earn passive income… I knew [franchising] would help me grow the business by utilising the time and effort of my franchisees.”

Kate enrolled on the Mercury 1:1 VIP programme to help her achieve her objective of finding more time to grow her business while creating a passive income stream.


Since applying the Mercury franchise strategy to her business, Kate has sold three franchises already with another three franchise sales in the pipeline. Of the three that are up and running, Kate is making a profit and is on track to be working fully “on” her business by the end of 2020.

3 franchises sold and 3 more in the process

More time for business development

Earning a passive income through franchises

“By end of the year long programme, I had 3 franchisees on board & was in profit – with another 3 due to sign the following year.”

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