Popular Questions Asked By Potential Franchisees: Answers To Prepare For

Popular Questions Asked By Potential Franchisees: Answers To Prepare For As A Franchisor

As a new franchisor, you’ll naturally want to start welcoming some eager and passionate franchisees to your business as soon as possible. In order to recruit the best possible franchisees, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for all the questions that they may require answers to. This way you can provide certainty reassurance to interested candidates, and let them know a little more about your business and what makes it so special.

With this in mind, we’ve collated some of the popular questions that potential franchisees have been asking franchisors, so you can prepare and recruit the best new franchisees.

Who Is Your Ideal Candidate?

It’s important that you have a clear vision of who your ideal franchisee is, what qualities you’re looking for, and the values you wish for them to possess. You want the people who join your franchise family to be on the same page as you, with the same passion and drive for success.

It’s best to answer this question honestly, as it’s much better to have quality franchisees with a drive to succeed and boost profit than merely a vast quantity, with little ambition. So make sure that you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in a new recruit.

What Changes Did You Make To Support Franchisees Through Covid-19?

Covid-19 took all business owners by surprise, and this would not have been a question that you would’ve been asked prior to 2020. However, with Covid-19 affecting many businesses, it’s understandable that people will have questions regarding this topic, and will be looking for some reassurance from a franchisor. If potential franchisees learn more about how you deal with things at the worst of times, then they will also gain some insight into how you handle things at the best of times too!

As a franchisor, you want to identify the times you were there for your franchisees during the pandemic. The way you handled uncertain situations, the information you provided them with, and the nods of genius you came up with to remain innovative in unexpected circumstances.

What Does It Take To Be A Successful Franchise Owner?

This is a big question, as potential franchisees want to follow in your footsteps and succeed as a businessperson. As a franchisor, you will train and provide the tools for franchisees to thrive, however you’ll also need to outline some of the things they need to do on their own to grow their franchise’s awareness. For example, you could suggest that they attend networking events, to build relationships and a future clientele.

Ultimately as a franchisor, you will come to recognise the mutual qualities that your franchisees have that gives them the spring in their step and leads to outstanding profits. Once you’ve outlined this, it will make answering and preparing for this question easier!

What Sets Your Brand Apart From Competitors In The Industry?

As a franchisor, you’ll be aware that no matter what the business, there will always be competition, and standing out from your competitors is important. You’ll want to outline to potential franchisees, what sets your brand apart from others in the industry. This is a crucial question in the decision-making process, so make sure you prepare for it!

What Is A Typical Day Like For A Franchisee, And Can I Hear From Them Myself?

Guaranteed, no day will ever be the same for your franchisees, however, it’s a good idea to prepare an overview of what a potential franchisee can expect from the day-to-day of running a franchise. Make sure you outline the expectations you require from a franchisee, as you want to ensure you have the right people representing your brand.

As for the second part of the question, it’s a good idea to prepare for this and make a list of franchisees that are willing to talk to those enquiring about a franchise. Talk with your franchisees, and find out who is comfortable discussing their role and their experiences with potential newbies.

We recommend keeping those on the call list briefed and up to date regularly about your brand’s expectations and the responsibilities expected from franchisees.

Providing you prepare for these types of questions, and answer honestly and factually, we’re sure that you’ll find some fantastic new franchisees that will fit your business perfectly!

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