Marketing Your Fantastic Franchise Opportunities: Tips To Standing Out

Marketing Your Fantastic Franchise Opportunities: Tips To Standing Out

You’ve done it, you’ve completed your Franchise 2 Freedom Masterclass, and now you’re ready to pitch your franchise opportunities to the world.

Potential franchisees are savvy and want to invest in businesses that they know will bring them a bright future. You’re going to want to market your franchise so that you receive maximum interest but from the right people.

Therefore we’ve put together some top marketing tips to allow you to start selling your franchise opportunities to passionate, like-minded people. It’s time to watch your franchise family grow.

Preparatory Marketing Steps

First thing’s first you want to identify your ideal franchisee avatar.

When cultivating the perfect franchisee avatar you want to be as specific as possible. Ask yourself key questions that will be insightful and help shape your marketing campaign. For example, what goals should potential franchisees have? What should their interests be? Decide what someone leading one of your franchise’s needs.

Once you’ve decided the type of person you’re looking for, you can create a marketing strategy that will be much more refined and clearly target the people you want.

Create a consistent voice across marketing channels

It’s important to create an authentic tone of voice across platforms that gives an honest and accurate representation of your brand.

Whether it be your ad campaigns, a collection of blog posts, or your daily social media content, you want your business’ voice to be consistent. This way potential franchisees can easily identify the type of business you are and the relationship you intend to have with clients and team members.

Your marketing efforts will also appear much more powerful when they are unified and uniquely you. By following this step you will also set a clear tone of what you expect from new franchising recruits and the type of attitude they should have to run a franchise outlet.

Just remember consistency is key!

Let Your Customers Know About Your Franchise Opportunities

This may seem like a rather obvious point to make but when you’re marketing your franchise opportunities, don’t forget to reach out to your pre-existing clients. They are a market that already have a passion for your products and services, so why not shout about the business opportunities that are open to them?

Your customers will have experienced the benefits of your services first hand; therefore they already have a great foundation for building a business based on your principles. They’ve seen you grow from strength to strength, so keep an open mind and factor them into your marketing strategy.

Make sure you’re shouting about your opportunities on your website and social media – you’ve worked hard to become a franchisor so show off all that you can offer!

Use Your Franchise Prospectus To Build Your Email List

Use your franchise prospectus as a way to connect with potential franchisees regularly over email!

To do this is simple. When interested individuals sign up to receive their free prospectus, record their email and send their copy directly to their mailbox. Once they are signed up and have agreed to be contacted, your business can market them via email. Whether you provide useful resources for potential franchisees, demonstrate the accomplishments of your existing franchisees or simply want to say hello, they are ready to hear from you!

Strong Social Media Identity

A strong social media identity is a great way to connect with a lot of people in one place. It’s here where you can create an image of what your business is about and give ambitious individuals a taste of what owning their very own franchise could be like.

When planning your social media content, make sure to weave in a few posts about your franchise opportunities.

Create posts that discuss the benefits of owning one of your franchises. Share stories from pre-existing franchisees. Let your followers know what to expect.

Social media is an amazing marketing tool when it’s used correctly. Remember to remain on-brand with the types of posts that you upload and keep on top of interactions.

Facebook Ads

Perhaps one of the most important things that you need to put on your marketing tick list is the creation of Facebook Ads. It’s here where you can utilise all of your preparatory marketing knowledge and use it to target a very specific audience.

Your ads can target people throughout the country, educating them on your opportunities and allowing your business to grow nationwide. Make sure you utilise your Ideal Franchise Avatar when selecting the people you choose to target with your ads. This will give you a head start in finding the types of people that you want to enquire.

Round Up

From this point, the sky is the limit. You have a window of opportunity available to you and your business.

Need more specific guidance on how to get the most out of your franchise? You can now book a “Power Hour” call with us where we’ll help you with any franchising woes.

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