Life Gets Better with Change

Life Gets Better with Change

Hey there!


A wise person once said “the only constant thing in this world is change” I agree. But I also agree that change shouldn’t be random. It should be thoughtful and intentional. Put simply: Change should make things better.

One aspect of my business that I would like to make better is how we deliver our franchise packages to our customers. For me? The particular process of “we franchise your business for you” feels clunky and outdated and has done for a while.

So, starting from January 2018, I’m dusting it off and creating something new and far more exciting. Here is the new plan. We will be empowering small business owners to franchise their business DIY! This will be in online groups or on a 1:1 basis. We will provide support, expert knowledge and sample documentation to help create unique, limitless franchise models to suit the individuality of each business.
Away with the old and in with the new!!

I hope you are as delighted about this change as I am. I am happy to answer any emails about this change… Fire away!

Look out for details coming soon. Here’s to welcoming in the new and improved goodness

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