Is franchising your business the right move for you?

Is franchising your business the right move for you?

As a successful business owner you’ve probably considered franchising before.

Franchising appears to have plenty of perks for business owners, but it’s not always the right road for every business.

So if you’re wondering whether you can take advantage of the franchising model, then we’re here to help. Grab yourself a coffee and start working through our recommended step-by-step guide!

Do your background research

Before committing to any big business changes, you NEED to do your research.

This is why it’s a good idea to get reading and take advantage of the materials out there. Get your reading glasses on and get stuck in!

We have lots of free resources on our website to help clear up the world of franchising. It can be a complex model if you know little about what it entails. However once you’ve peeled back the layers it can transform your life.

There are plenty of workbooks to get you started that will help you envision life as a franchisor. We recommend beginning with our ‘5 Things to Consider Before Franchising Your Business’ ebook. This one will give you a head start on understanding the franchising process.

Expand on the base knowledge

Once you’ve secured a base knowledge it’s time to investigate further.

You’ll want to learn what franchising could mean for you.

A good way of doing this is by investing in a professional course. This will give you the foundations of the model, and a taster of what can be achieved through franchising.

Our Franchise Foundations course was created to do just this. It is a great step to take to prepare your business for the process of franchising.

We’ll cover all of the must-know knowledge that you can’t simply google. So if you’re interested in taking your interest of franchising to the next level, definitely sign up to a course like this.

Talk to existing franchisors

There are a vast number of franchisors in the UK, with the total number of franchise units totaling at approximately 48,000 (franchise direct).

Therefore this means that there are plenty of people out there to speak to about their experience as a franchise owner.

Learning from other people’s life experiences can help you decide what you want your future to look like.

Start the conversation, connect on LinkedIn and ask some questions. It’s a great way of finding out what the experiences of a franchisor entail and whether it’s really for you.

Book a franchise feasibility call

After taking all of the preparatory steps to discover what franchising a business could be like, it’s time to see if it’s possible for you.

Therefore we highly recommend taking advantage of our Franchise Feasibility call. This is a coaching call that is designed to assess your business and establish whether franchising can work for you.

It’s a good opportunity to establish what the next steps for your business could be, whether you decide to franchise or not!

Now it’s time to decide what’s right for you and to take the next step…

Once you have completed all of the preparatory steps to establish whether franchising is for you, it’s time to take the next step.

If franchising isn’t right for you just yet, focus on enhancing your current model, make changes, and focus on your growth.

If you do choose to franchise, – you’ll want to book onto a course like our Franchise 2 Freedom Mastermind or Self Made course.  This will help you to scale your business as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

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