No one quite gets the unique struggles of being a franchisor. Except for another franchisor, of course.

Franchisor life can be a lonely business when you’re stuck figuring out how to get around all the pitfalls – some common, some you never knew existed!

You can ask a franchise consultant, but they charge by the hour, and let’s face it, not all consultants have been in your position.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a supportive franchise family who have stood in your shoes, and even better, access to a wealth of resources and training that keep you at the cutting edge of franchise entrepreneurship?

Cue Mercury Franchise School Inner Circle…


When you begin to franchise your business, you get guidance on how to set it up. But what happens once you’ve launched your business? Where do you come for support and advice?

Business mentorship groups are one thing but as franchisors, our challenges are unique and very specific.

I’ve seen many franchisors through the initial launch phase and continued to provide guidance on a one-to-one basis. How much I would have given for some ongoing support from others just like me when I was a newbie franchisor! I would have loved a place for people in the same boat to feel safe sharing and developing without fear of being perceived as stupid just for not knowing something.

That’s why I’ve decided to create a membership group that’s a space for franchisors to ask questions confidently and freely, away from prying eyes and reproaches. But this isn’t simply a support group. This is an active, thriving space to continue to grow your business. Here you’ll get access to weekly live sessions and guest speakers who’ll give you tips on onboarding, marketing, troubleshooting, back-office functions, legal info and financial info, plus so much more.

Power Hour franchise consultancy call testimonial
Power Hour franchise consultancy call testimonial
Power Hour franchise consultancy call testimonial


For existing franchisors 

This is for you if you’ve already launched your franchise – whether that was six weeks ago or six years ago. Just when you think you know all there is to know about operating a franchise system, a brand-new challenge will emerge and you’ll wish you had a place to get advice. This is that place.


Inner Circle is designed to offer a repository of educational resources, guides, videos and lives from myself and guest speakers.

I’ve been a franchisor for nine years. In that time, I’ve come across most of the obstacles a franchisor will face. As such I’ve got just the right advice for anyone launching their business as a franchise.

For years now, my students and former students have asked for a group where they can continue to get direct advice from a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Join me for regular lives, videos, Q&As and more, as well as brand new exclusive resources and continued support for a modest monthly fee of just £49 a month.

Membership fee: £49.00 per month


Have confidence you can run your franchise system with an expert team to back you up!

Weekly live sessions

Guest speakers

Be part of an exclusive Facebook group

Support with onboarding, marketing, trouble shooting, back-office functions, legals and financials.

Power Hour Mercury Franchise School

Feel fully confident with every step you take in your business...