How To Attract More Franchisees

How To Attract More Franchisees

So, you have taken the step and decided that you love your business so much, that you want others to experience it,too… You have franchised!

All of your documents are looking beautiful, informative and fabulous and you have systems and procedures ready to support your new franchisees.

But how do you find them? What will attract your “perfect” franchisee to your business?

You must get to know them! If you can understand your franchisee before they find you (yes, this is possible) you will be in a great position to attract the right people to you and your business.

Let’s break this down into 3 main steps:

Step 1: Know your ideal franchisee

Picture your potential franchise. Think about who they are, where they live, their background, education and experience. Do they have a family, work part time/full time, and what would drive them as an individual to start their own business? What fears will they have around being self employed and why would they still consider it? Where would they hang out? What would they read, watch and spend their spare time doing?

Step 2: Create content aimed at them

Once you have worked through and established the above, write all of your content material with this person in mind. Emotionally involve the potential franchisee, don’t just try to sell to them! Let them know that you know who they are, you understand their struggles and aim to build relationships with people who know that you “get it.”

Step 3: Go where they go

This can be both online and offline. There are SOOO many networking groups/events around at the moment so choose the ones where your ideal franchisee may go. Share advice and be active in online groups where you think your potential franchisees may hang out ,too. It’s NOT all about selling! Show people that you are an expert in your field, get them interested and excited about what you do and how they could become a part of it.

Since starting my business, I have learnt that building relationships with the right people is absolutely the best way forward. Everything you do (including your website material) should delight the people who may use your service, as a client or a potential franchisee.

Our Marketing and Content writing packages are aimed at helping you to become an expert on how to attract the perfect franchisees to your business. Working with experts, we will tailor a 1:1 course around you and your business to get you super clear on who you are looking for, where to find them and how to start building that relationship.

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