A Successful Franchise Coach

Hello my name is Catherine and I am a franchise coach. I live on Wirral which is in a beautiful area in the north west of England, I live with my husband, 3 amazing girls and a wonderful cavapoo called Phoebe. My family means everything to me and they are the reason I do what I do. They are my WHY.

I want to tell you how I actually came to be here as a franchise coach because my journey is a very exciting one! I started up my own business in 2014 after leaving the profession as a primary school teacher. Life was too stressful and I knew that there had to be a more enjoyable path out there. I started up ‘Popcat’s Music Time’ and I haven’t looked back. Popcat’s started as something small but quickly grew as the demand was high for something exciting for pre- school children and babies. In 2016 I franchised my young but successful business and here I am today having sold 7 franchises.

I feel that anyone who coaches business owners through the process of franchising needs to have experienced the process themselves. I have been through that process and I have done it well! I am now very excited to be able to help others to franchise their business and I have both the background and the knowledge to help you to be just like me. I am a success story and in the market of today although it isn’t easy its certainly achievable!