How I went from struggling to soaring using other people’s investment

How I Went From Struggling To Soaring Using Other People’s Investment

I have struggled with how to write this post, every time I write a cliche appears like “how to change your life through franchising” or “how to make your business an overnight success” but I am delighted to share with you it’s true and it can happen quicker than you think!

For years I struggled running my own business and was forever feeling guilty about working and wanting to spend time with my children. I had dreams and goals for my business, which I knew would benefit my family, but I found the more successful my business became, the harder and longer I worked. I was stuck at an income and couldn’t progress despite so many opportunities to expand. The business was taking over my life, something had to give! I was plagued with self doubt and sweet ignorance. How could I expand and spend less time at the office? Where would I find the money to expand and who would help me?

The solution was easy, franchising! In just one year I learnt how to grow my business passively and my yearly turnover of £100,000 per year grew to just over £1,000,000 per year in just 4 years!

For those time strapped business owners who are juggling work, children, animals and everything else, skip this blog post where I where I write my heart out and let me share my unique experience of franchising my business. Let’s dive into how franchising can work for you, if you follow my proven and simple formula.

I started my career working full time hours as a district nurse, often working long hours and double shifts to make my pay last. Although I loved my job and was very passionate about helping people, the hours were exhausting and I found myself becoming burnt out on a regular basis. When my son was born in 2008, that changed EVERYTHING!

I didn’t want to be the mummy who missed every school trip, the mummy who missed the school plays and the mummy who was exhausted every evening.

I decided that I was going to launch my own business and in 2011 Apollo Care started to trade. I worked every hour I could, writing documents, policies and procedures and helping to care for my new clients. The business was a huge success and after 18 months the hard work was finally paying off… but I had another problem.

I wanted to grow! My business was blowing other care agencies out of the water and my reputation was incredible. I was receiving calls for home care from all over the North West of England and I couldn’t keep up with demand. I found that although I had an amazing, profitable business I was actually back to square one. I was working 50 hours a week, exhausted and irritable and couldn’t see a way forward.

That’s when I discovered franchising.

Franchising my business would be the perfect option for me. The money new franchise owners would pay to join my team would help me finance the expansion.That and my brand was valuable and people wanted to buy in to it!

My new franchise managers would also be responsible for running and managing their own teams, financing their business and growing new client bases. I would receive a percentage of their turnover income each month which gave me the passive income I had been looking for to enable me to spend more valuable time with my family and start to live my life the way I had envisioned it.

What could go wrong?!

Well, the franchising process was not as I had expected and the first thing was the expense. Franchise consultants charge a huge amount of money to franchise a business and I could not find the option of support rather than “do it for you” wherever I looked. I finally got the money required together and my franchise journey began.

From the start, I found the process to be outdated and frustrating. Instead of the freedom and empowerment I was looking for I felt overwhelmed and frustrated. The documents were not as unique to my business as I wanted and the procedures were not explained to me, this left me feeling very confused and stressed. Once the process was over, I felt unsupported and very unsure.

Let me share with you the problems I recognised with the way women were being taught to franchise. A consultant costs the earth with no business owner involvement. So instead I decided to take the initiate and shift everything to a new and more empowering method. The way I teach it makes franchising your business life changing and fun. I simply made this work for me and I in turn it will work for you.

Franchising costs WAY less than you think.

I understand the importance of cash flow, making a profit and how your hard earned money should be invested. Franchise consultants can charge anything up to £50,000 to help you franchise your business. Who has that type of money right?! The initial investment is so huge that most business owners do not even consider franchising their business as it is impossible for them to raise that kind of investment. The frustration they then feel not only affects their business growth but also their plans for the future. People are often left feeling very stuck and bitter, and wondering if it’s their fault the business does not have the capital to grow.  I have developed the perfect solution! My online franchising course costs a fraction of the price with the business owner creating their own work and understanding the process, with my support for the whole of the franchising  journey.

Franchising can be easy! Let me show you how.

A clear structured plan will be the key to your success. Why and how you use and pitch your documents are crucial and I have done the hard yards for you.  This will be your business and you need to feel confident, in control and ready to fly! How can you feel that way if everything is done for you? Many women have come to me after their business has been franchised, by a franchise consultant, feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do next. They have the documents promised but don’t know what to do with them, when to use them or why? By creating your own documents, you will understand what is in them, why you use them and most importantly how to apply them to your new franchised business.

How to stand out from the crowd and be unique.

The documents you produce need to be unique to your business. They need to show potential franchisees why you and your business are so amazing! If this is not done correctly you may miss the opportunity of franchisees joining your team as they are probably looking at at least 3 other business similar to yours to decide which franchise to join. Nobody knows your business better than you do, right? You have the passion, the ambition and the drive behind the brand. Who better to tell people about it! What would it mean to you, if you had a friend who had done this all before and new EXACTLY what documents you needed to produce to showcase you and all your business savvy? What would that feel like?

There may be businesses that are very similar to yours already in the franchise market but they are missing the one main ingredient. YOU!

When I had the idea for my business, Apollo Care, a few people tried to change my mind saying that there were “loads of care companies out there!” my answer was always, “yes, but they won’t have my ideas, passion or drive” and I was right! I stuck to my guns and was unique in everything I did. When it came to franchising, that uniqueness ran through everything I did and produced, it has what has made me so successful in such a short space of time. People buy into ME and the business concept. You can absolutely do this too.

You have already set up your own business, that makes you pretty unique already! take that one step further…

The journey can be fun and rewarding.

Take your time and plan it your way! Business owners are very busy people! Our franchise course has been designed to suit the hectic and often unpredictable life of a business owner. We all understand the feeling of extra work, deadlines, working late, who needs the extra stress?! When working with a franchise consultant, you are working to their deadlines and timeframes, not your own. The extra work can feel like you are suffocating with not enough hours in the day. You can work through the franchise course at your own time and pace. The information can be read, reread and saved if needed until you have the time to start. You are in control. You decide what your deadline will be and you decide when to work. The course is designed for YOU to fit around your current work commitments, family and hobbies. We want you to feel in control of your future, understand the process and learn the knowledge gifted to you. So take your time, enjoy the process and have fun! The franchising process will take you on a journey of self discovery, you will learn new skills and how to apply them. We want you to fall in love with your business all over again so get ready to feel excited!

The right kind of support can be empowering.

There is nothing worse than feeling a lack of support when trying something new. You may understand your current business down to the minute details but franchising will be a new experience for you. Lack of support often leads to overwhelm and failure so we realise how important it is for our franchise pupils to feel supported before, during, and after the franchise process. Each of our modules comes with a free 30 minute SKYPE/ZOOM call with a member of our team to answer any questions you may have on the subject covered. Extra calls will also be available if needed to help you feel in control every step of the way. Our franchise school Facebook group will be a place for you to ask questions, try ideas and get to know other franchisors who have started the journey with you. The group will be secure, confidential and checked daily by our franchise team.

Working with women entrepreneurs is truly amazing. The results I see from my franchise students quite literally takes my breath away. As women realise their own potential and break free from their limiting beliefs they absolutely soar, creating not only their dream business but also their dream lifestyle for themselves and their family.

My students are creating the ultimate passive lifestyle and income, growing their small businesses to six figure earners in a matter of months.

By looking at her income streams and expanding on them, Julie is now offering services and products to her customers that has enabled her to sell more franchises and increase her own income by over 30%. Her teams are LOVING the new ways they can earn and business is booming! Julie is feeling more confident in her ability as a business owner is already planning to release new services next year.. fabulous!

Another student of Mercury Franchise School was so unsure if franchising was “for her” because she loved to be in control of everything! After our initial chat she decided to jump in and do it anyway. I had a feeling that would happen. As well earning double to what she was earning two years ago, her life has completely changed as she now channels her “control issues” and runs an amazing team of franchise managers. Now her team knows exactly how she likes things done.

My marketing students are looking at their franchised business through fresh eyes and completely turning their processes and ideas on their heads and looking at marketing with a new, exciting perspective.

A recent marketing client was simply astounded with the results the programme had had on her business and mindset after just 1 week! She described her franchisees as “completely gobsmacked” at the change in her ideas and direction and as a result franchisee sales increased by almost 8%!

Over the past 18 months, I have worked with the most amazing Women who are ready to take control of their business and their lifestyle and upscale their business THEIR way.  I realised that women were so passionate and ready to grow both business and personally but limitations, often placed on them by society and greedy corporate bullies were stopping them achieving their dreams and thinking big! The way we franchise needs to change and it is my mission to make those changes, empowering women to take control and plan for the future. It really can be limitless!

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