Franchising is THE way to prepare your wellbeing business for global domination.

If you’ve got huge aspirations to go national, or even international, franchising a great way.

Maybe you want a healthy retirement fund and to have a safety net for future generations, or you want to travel the world first class. In any case, franchising will help your business scale.

Of course, you can try doing everything yourself, but that makes it so much harder, especially if you’re trying to reach new markets that speak a different language, or even have a different dialect. Every location has a unique set of requirements, so it takes lots of research and local knowledge to make your business a success in a new place.

When you have a franchisee leading the way, you’ll be able to convert new customers more quickly than ever before.


Can replicate your business in various locations, all at the same time

Have someone with local knowledge leading each of your units

Have a passive income through monthly royalty payments

Get brand exposure in new areas

Receive a cash injection for your business and a franchise manager for free

Gain more time freedom when you sell your original business as a franchise


You’re giving them a ready-made business with all the tools

They’ll have all the training and support to make it a success

It’s a proven business model with a track record of success

People new to business can get a taste for entrepreneurship without the risks


Nearly two thirds of franchises are taking in £250,000 income each year

Over a third of franchisees actually operate more than one franchise

93% of franchisees are making a profit

According to Point Franchise, franchises running in profitability can expect to make at least £50k per year

If you’re curious to find out more about how you can franchise your health, social care or wellbeing business, take a look at our programmes.