From Enquiring To Onboarding: The Process Of Recruiting A New Franchisee

From Enquiring To Onboarding: The Process Of Recruiting New Franchisees

People love your brand – after all who wouldn’t?

Which is why you made a great choice when you decided to transform your business into a franchise.

Individuals have downloaded your prospectus and they’ve booked a discovery call. Things are getting very exciting. Now it’s time to convert those that are interested in your business into successful franchisees. This is why we’ve come up with some great tips to help you succeed from the enquiring process to the onboarding process.

It All Starts With A Hello…

The Discovery Call is extremely important.

It’s an opportunity for you and the interested individuals to get to know one another.

They’ll have lots of questions, so it’s a good idea to prepare for them – we’ve created a guide for you on this here.

Fundamentally you want to prove to potential franchisees that your business is worth the investment. People on the other end of the line want to see your passion but don’t want to be pushed. Wow them with the opportunities available to them, illuminate the map to success, show off your brand’s unique qualities and allow them to see why you are worth the investment.

Let Prospective Franchisees Know What Makes You Unique

You may have several big competitors but nobody else has the same sparkle as you.

Make it clear how you differ from competitors, and why customers are driven to your brand time after time. Share your brand’s history, and talk openly about the products and services that have sped up your success. Don’t be scared to show off your brand’s best angles!

Help new franchisees to understand what makes your brand unique during the onboarding process. This way they can keep the brand’s core values at the heart of every business decision they make for their franchise.

Clearly Explain The Business Model

Your business model evidently works as it transformed you into a successful entrepreneur. A massive perk for individuals buying a franchise is that they can follow in your footsteps and drastically reduce the risks that self-starters face.

It is important that you illuminate the benefits of the business model early on in the onboarding process as the franchise lawyer, Lane fisher claims it:

“reminds franchisees who may be tempted to go rogue that following and remaining accountable to the system is what will allow them to reap the rewards of franchise ownership.”

Not only will new recruits have a clearer vision of what to expect once they become a franchisee, but they will also understand why it’s necessary to follow the business model. Providing they trust the process and work hard they can start to reap the rewards.

It’s Time To Train Your Franchisees

Now for the fun part – training!

This is an essential part of the onboarding process as you teach your new franchisees the necessary tricks of your trade.

It’s a good idea to provide individuals with necessary and effective training that leaves them confident and inspired to get stuck in. A common mistake is to overload individuals with information and attempting to teach them everything at once.

Instead, save this information (providing it’s not critical) for re-fresher sessions down the line. Keep your initial training concise, effective, and engaging. Keep to the vital content, so that they know where to place their priorities in the first few months as a franchisee.

This way you’ll demonstrate your commitment to furthering their success throughout their journey as a franchisee rather than burning them out before they’ve begun!

Welcome Them To The Team

As a franchisor, you will already have systems in place to support your new franchisees. It’s important that you introduce your bright-eyed recruits to the help and support that is there for them in the initial stages – should they need it.

Clearly outline the roles of specific members of your team and what their responsibilities are. This way franchisees know the boundaries and can reach out for support when necessary whilst taking ownership of their own franchise unit.

Marketing: Putting Your Franchisees On The Map

 It’s a good idea to provide your new franchisees with some marketing tips to help them build up a good presence online and within the community! Let them know your brand’s tone of voice, and the relationship you have with your clients.

Perhaps you have branded social media templates that they can provide franchisees with? This is a great way to keep their marketing efforts in line with the business.

Let’s Round Things Up

The onboarding process is a fantastic time to lay the groundwork for your franchisees to thrive. This is a time to enthuse new recruits whilst setting out core brand values and business expectations. If you’re in need of some further inspiration or motivation to make your franchise business a success, make sure to check out our new Power Hour service. 

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