Your business is thriving. You're maxed out on client requests, making tonnes of sales and everything is going swimmingly. Except there's one problem.

You've hit a ceiling and the only way you can grow will cost you more time and money.

To grow your business, you can take on staff, but you need to find the money for salaries. You also need to train them all up.

This is a slow burn that leads to burn out.

If you’re full to capacity in your business, you’re probably experiencing one or all of the following:

You never see your loved ones, and when you do, you feel under pressure and guilty.

Exhaustion, overwhelm and in a constant “frazzled” state.

Not enough hours in the day to grow your business, and you can’t see a way out.

Falling out of love with your business.

Frustration that your competitors are making seven figures and you’re still only making five.

These are just some of the side effects of success when you’re growing your business without an actionable plan.
It doesn’t sound much fun, does it?

But did you know there’s a way you can scale your business and have it all?

“What do you mean?
I can run a successful business and see my kids before bedtime?”

Of course! Franchising my business has meant I can spend more time with the people I love and feel happy about going on holiday instead of guilty. I’ve reduced my working hours to just three hours a day while still growing my business and following my passions – And I’ve even started a second business.

But that sounds really complicated, Cheryl…

Not with the right expert guidance…

The Franchise 2 Freedom Mastermind is a step-by-step process I have honed over seven years, using it to create my own multimillion-pound home care brand.

And we’re not talking years.

It takes just eight months to go from small business to a franchise when you follow my proven system.

Here’s what my Mercury students have been saying:

Kirsty wanted to expand her business and joined the Mastermind in January 2020. I helped her break her package down into three distinct offers. She’s now sold her first franchise and is getting a steady stream of enquiries for other areas. She’s also a far more confident business owner.

Franchise 2 Freedom Mastermind Testimonial

Iain came to me after working with another consultant but still felt stuck. We worked together one-to-one for 12 weeks. In that time, we fixed his onboarding process and marketing strategy. By the end, he was already generating lots of leads for his franchise opportunity.

Testimonial from Iain

Kate wanted to scale her decluttering business. She booked some one-to-one coaching with me and I took her through the very same steps we cover in the F2FM, including the financials and marketing her franchise package. By the end, she’d already sold three franchises.

Franchise 2 Freedom Mastermind Testimonial

This could be you too if you follow my simple eight-step Franchise 2 Freedom Mastermind.

Included training...

What is Franchising: Everything you need to know about franchising.

The Franchise Prospectus: Your number one selling tool

The Financial Documentation: All the documents you need to present the numbers in an exciting way.

The Legal Documents: Learn what your legal documents need to contain to prevent any major pitfalls.

The Franchise Manual: The franchisee bible outlining all the tools they need in their arsenal.

Marketing Your Franchise: All my tips and tricks gleaned from years of attracting my perfect franchisees.

Wait, there’s more…

When you join the Franchise 2 Freedom Mastermind, you become part of a group of business owners just like you – Whose friends don’t even understand what it is they do and whose family view it as a “hobby business”. You’ll soon be the one laughing…

You also get fortnightly calls with me as well as guest talks with experts who consult on mindset, marketing, confidence and anything else that troubles business owners.  If you’re investing your time and money with me, I don’t want you to have to look anywhere else for help, so I’ve decided to cover it all.

Okay, let’s summarise:

What do you get?

Kickstarter call to delve into your business and diagnose any quick wins.

Business growth generator: strategy for consistent scalability.

Post F2FM action plan so you’re not left in the dark after you graduate.

Regular trainings on a range of business-related topics delivered by experts.

Printable workbooks and learning materials.

2 x 90-minute group classes delivered online each month.

30-minute 1:1 calls each month.

Exclusive Facebook Group access where you can get feedback on your tasks.

Franchising templates for every document you’ll need so you never have to write anything from scratch.

Victoria sold a franchise just halfway through the course.
She made her course fee back and is getting more enquiries. She's shown that success is possible even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, let’s do the sums.

I’m asking for an investment of £10,000.

If you need a little helping hand, you can pay it over eight months instead.

If I were to work with you one-to-one, you’d have to pay me £20,000 and you wouldn’t be getting the peer support and accountability that comes from the exclusive Franchise 2 Freedom Facebook Group.

So let’s think about it for a second. If your franchise fee is £12,000 and all you did was sell one, you’d make £2,000 return on investment.

This could be the last time at this price!

If you leave it until the next round, this course is likely to go up, so if you’re on the fence, you need to lock in this deal or risk paying more.

I've read enough... Sign me up!

“But Cheryl, that sounds like a lot. Can I not just franchise my business myself?”

Honestly, yes you can. I did, but it took me two years to launch. In all that time I was losing additional profits I could have been making. There was a lot of trial and error and expensive meetings with my solicitor to make sure I had everything just so.

People do franchise their business themselves, but unfortunately, there are so many problems that arise from mistakes, and we’re not talking small ones. You could end up getting sued.

Following my process helps you avoid these costly errors and saves you time figuring everything out yourself.

So, why trust me and not some other consultant?

You’re investing a lot of money in me, so you want to be sure you’re doing the right thing.

I’m different to a lot of franchise consultants because I TEACH the process, I don’t do it for you. This means you’ll understand exactly what’s going on – No smoke and mirrors – And you’re in full control over your branding.

I also have a franchise, so I’ve applied all my own lessons, as well as helping over 50 businesses launch their own.

I myself have been stung by a franchise consultant who did all my franchise documentation for me (badly), and none of it was right for my business but I didn’t know how to fix it. I had to unpick it all and learn everything from scratch. Painful.

Since you’re learning the whole process too, there’s no reason why you can’t franchise a future business, or become a franchise consultant yourself.

The Franchise 2 Freedom Mastermind gives you valuable business skills and insights into marketing, finance, HR and more. By the end of the course, you’ll have shaken off all your impostor syndrome and will no longer feel as though you’re winging it in business.

“Right, you’ve convinced me, Cheryl.
How do I access the course?”

The course starts from the second week in January and July and runs for eight months.

Sign up today and you’ll receive an application form in your email inbox. Please fill this in and I’ll be in touch with you personally.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to email me directly or send me a message on Facebook Messenger and we can chat it through.

P.S – If you’ve skipped the entire sales page, basically, I’m running an eight-month step-by-step franchising course which will transform your business into a profit-generating machine and give you back your free time. It’s £10,000 – Payment plans available.