Does Your Business Feel Stuck?

Does Your Business Feel Stuck?

Life as a business owner is not an easy path. There are ups and downs and surprises around every corner. We all expect that there will be times when we grow at a quicker rate than others but what happens when we feel totally stuck?

There comes a point in most businesses, when you’ve done all you can. You work all hours you could possibly work each week and you give everything you could possibly give. But nothing seems to shift.

When this happened to me I began to wonder if this was it. Had I reached my limit? Was I being greedy to even want more? After all I had a successful business, I should be grateful, right?

Well truth be told I didn’t feel very grateful.

From the outside I may have appeared successful but maintaining my business and lifestyle was far more than a full time job. My business had eaten into everything and everyone in my life. It’s common for business owners to have blurred lines between their work and personal life, but my business had become so overwhelming that there were no longer any lines at all.

My business and I were stuck. Not just in terms of growth, but emotionally too. I couldn’t see a way out. I was so passionate about my care business and still loved it but it just consumed me in a way I had not expected. It had left me exhausted and bordering on burnout.

Something had to change.

I couldn’t continue the way things were but I certainly didn’t want to stop or give up that wasn’t even an option. Desperately searching for another way I discovered franchising and my life changed.

Now don’t get me wrong this wasn’t an overnight transformation, I quickly saw the potential in franchising but I had no idea how to go about it. All of the advice on offer was expensive and out of my price range but also seemed quite intimidating and official. There didn’t seem to be anyone down to earth I could speak to about the process. There was no one that I felt comfortable enough to ask questions, even really stupid ones (of course I know now there was no such thing as a stupid question).

This unstuck me.

My business as a franchise could grow, I was no longer bound by the pressure that to earn more money or have a bigger impact I had to work harder and give more hours (of which I had nothing left to give). Having a franchise meant that the work I put in to the business could be repurposed each time a new franchisee came on board. The same amount of hours and hard work would benefit me and my business limitless times.

I found myself in a very enviable position. My income was growing but I actually had more time. The lines between my business and my personal life became clearer and the elusive work life balance became something I actually understood.

It had such a significant impact on my life that many of my friends and connections within the business world started to ask questions they wanted to know how I had done it.

Of course I told them.

I soon realised that I had not been suffering alone. There were so many other business owners that were experiencing the same feeling of being trapped. There were so many businesses that were stuck.

This is how Mercury Franchise School was born.

I now run two businesses. My Apollo care business is booming with now 9 franchisees on board but through Mercury Franchise school, I also provide the tools and coaching support that business owners need to take them from where I was to where I am today as a franchise owner.

On the 23rd April, I will be running a workshop in Warrington entitled can my business be franchised. This is a great opportunity to learn about franchising and be able to ask those burning questions, safe in the knowledge they will be answered truthfully and with integrity. If you are interested in attending this workshop email me at and I will send you the details.

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