Wondering what to do next in your career?

Did you know 1 in 5 of us want to start a company? (Franchise UK)

If you’ve got some cash to invest, time to grow your own business and you want to make sure you’ve got the best chance of success, then buying a franchise is the way to go.

Owning and operating your very own franchise gives you the independence of being your own boss with a much-reduced risk of failure. Over five years, only 6% of franchises close, compared to 50% of startups (BFA/Natwest survey).

In addition, opting for a franchise over building a business from scratch means you can get investment much more easily if you need some extra capital.

You can choose to buy a franchise in an area you’ve always worked in, and therefore give yourself the promotion you’ve been waiting years for, or you can switch things up and open a franchise in an area you’ve never even considered. There is an abundance of choices out there if you’re willing to explore.


Despite the amazing range of opportunities you can get involved in, there are many things that remain similar across the board.

Notably, all franchisors will advertise their “franchise opportunity”, which is their offer to you.

You pay a franchise fee, and in return, you get your “franchise package”.

In essence, the franchise package is everything you need to set up your business and go – You don’t need to add anything yourself or work out any part. Just pay your investment, implement all the processes you’ve been taught and you’re on your way.

A franchise package contains variations on the following:

A programme of introductory training

An operational manual

Access to IT/HR/accounting systems and management tools

Branding and marketing materials

Policies, procedures and legal documents

Ongoing training and support



You get your own business – But you’re not by yourself. You have the support of your head office and fellow franchise managers, full training, mentoring and systems,


It’s tried and tested – Your franchisor has worked out all the obstacles way before you so you can spend your time actually making money rather than fixing the business.


You’re your own boss – No more being told what to do by annoying managers. You get to put your leadership skills to good use and make money from them. If you don’t want to work on something, you can recruit your own staff.


Ultimate flexibility – You can decide your own timetable, choose your holidays, have an early dart from time to time. As long as you’re making money, you can work when you like.


Free and ongoing training. You’ll learn everything you need to know when you’re onboarding, so you don’t have to search for courses (unless you want to) or struggle learning on the job. You’ll also get regular up-to-date training.


You’re already a known brand – Potential customers can look you up online and see your franchisor’s glowing testimonials – before you’ve even set up! You adopt an established brand reputation, which means customers already know, like and trust you!

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