3 Business Growth Strategies for Serious Entrepreneurs

3 Business Growth Strategies for Serious Entrepreneurs

Most business owners reach a point where the strategies that have helped them build a thriving small business just aren’t enough to help them grow a big business. Some are happy to stay small, but if you are looking to take your business to the next stage then you will need a new approach.

Often you can be so busy working in your business, handling clients and managing staff, that it’s difficult to step back and view the big picture. Hard as it is, working on your business is essential if you want to see serious growth, and these three strategies are the things I suggest you consider.

Marketing with a Plan

Your business can only exist if people know about it so marketing is key for an enterprise of any size, but if you want your business to grow then you need to have a marketing strategy. Develop a plan that helps you to share your core message, consistently, across multiple platforms and you will see much better results.

Your marketing strategy might include social media, blogging (on your own platform and other’s, where you can reach a larger audience), working on website SEO and running adverts. That might seem like a lot but don’t forget that as you grow these tasks can be outsourced to experts. When you get to that stage being really clear on your core message and target audience will help to ensure that those people can work for you effectively.

Develop a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is simply the process that a potential client goes through, from first hearing about you to placing an order. It starts with your client becoming aware that you exist (through those strategic marketing activities) and continues as they become interested in your products or services, evaluate what you can offer, then make a decision to buy.

A clear sales funnel can nurture each lead for you, guiding people along and ultimately making more sales. Since a lot of your funnel can be automated, it also frees up your time. Instead of chasing leads and sales you can concentrate on the things that only you can do.


As your business grows you may find that it starts to feel a bit like trying to put a jumper on an octopus. There are so many things to do and it seems like every time you have one thing under control another slithers away from you!  You want to grow your business but you simply don’t know how you could possibly handle the extra work.

If you have reached that point then it may be time to consider franchising. The franchise model lets you expand your business into new areas and reach whole new markets, but it also takes some of the responsibilities off your plate. If you don’t have to personally source every new venue, manage every staff member or deal with every customer enquiry, then you can grow your business much more quickly and reach your goals while still enjoying the lifestyle you want.

Rocket Fuel

Of course, the beauty of these strategies is that you don’t have to choose just one. When you use them together they can be the rocket fuel that really makes your business growth take off.

As a franchise consultant, I help my clients understand marketing so that I can support businesses going through the franchise process. If you are a serious entrepreneur and genuinely interested in growing the business of your dreams, take the first step today by downloading my free PDF “5 Things You Need to Consider Before Franchising Your Business”.

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